November 21, 2009

For Simone.

Ok, Brandon HATES the name Simone. But I think it's the perfect name for my future daughter. Named after Nina Simone no less, do you know her? If not, you must educate yourself. Mood Indigo is one of my very favorite song of hers.

Anyways, this fabulous future daughter of mine would be a show stopper in this frock. It's outrageous (I know) but wouldn't it be lovely? The kind of thing a little girl would cherish and PERFECT for a holiday party.

And as for your Nina Simone education? Start here:

1 comment:

rebecca marie said...

Oh good, you can have Simone if I can claim Molly Jean.

And super cute dress! Hope you don't plan on your future daughter keeping it white for very long ;)