August 18, 2009

Sunset Magazine, I'm learning to love you.

farmers market radish
Photo by monitorpop, found on Flickr.

I didn't realize until earlier this Spring that Sunset Magazine is published in the Bay Area. I thought it was based in Seattle. Regardless, I think it's pages capture the essence of everything I love about living on the west coast. Fresh, seasonal food, outdoor adventures and travel. Sometimes it's a little thin for the price in my eyes but luckily, their website is filled with great content.

Like this great article, on how to eat from the farmer's market. Which is perfect for me. Most weekends I walk through the market looking at all the beautiful produce but stick to only what I know I will be using. I think this is a great reference for anyone to use, after they found the most beautiful, in season whatever at the market. And since I joined the Farm Fresh to You CSA last night, I'll be using it a lot myself.

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Team Thompson said...

Sunset Mag is published right between where I live and where I work - it's in Menlo Park!! I was quite surprised and excited when I passed by it the other day!