August 18, 2009

I joined a CSA.

1st CSA
Photo by if time exists, on Flickr.

Last night I finally did it! I joined a CSA (community supported agriculture) group.

Joining a CSA has been on my mind since I first got my own place last year and after reading "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" I've been more inspired than ever to eat local, seasonal and organic produce. Not only will I be eating healthier but I'm looking forward to expanding the variety of produce I cook with. Can't wait for my first "what do I make with dandelions?" moment.

On top of all this, I was handed a promo code for $10 off my first box at REI.

I joined the Farm Fresh to You CSA for several reasons.
1. I can switch my service type or end my deliveries at any time, they also have a good account section on their website so I can postpone deliveries if I'm on vacation, etc.

2. Almost all the produce will come from Capay farm, 90 miles outside of SF. I wish it was a little closer, but it's greener than shipping produce from Mexico.

3. I can visit the farm. There are three farm tours left this year and I fully intend on checking it out for the Halloween or Winter farm tour.

I'll be sharing my weekly deliveries and corresponding recipes, can't wait for Friday!

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pia said...

I've been thinking about signing up for this. I just moved back into the city and while I love going to the farmers market sometimes I just don't have the time. Good for you for going both local and green :)