January 28, 2009

DIY Lamp - It's Beautiful!!!

A few weeks ago, I was inspired by this Apartment Therapy posting for a DIY pendant lamp costing just $12 and made from a paper Ikea lamp and materials from the grocery store. Thinking that I haven't been crafty for a while, we need more light in the bedroom, no plans for the weekend and figuring I had nothing to lose I willfully tackled the project. "Ashley from Philly" was channeling this ostrich feather chandelier from an Apartment Therapy home tour when she created the lamp. I love her creation and I am quite happy with how mine turned out. I have been pleasantly surprised by the warm appreciation it has received from the friends and family who have seen it thus far. It was also a great way to spend a quiet afternoon at home. The bedroom is a work in progress, so please, focus on the lamp in the photo below.

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