August 7, 2010

SF Renegade Craft Fair Favorites

The best part of the SF Renegade Craft Fair last week was discovering a few new artists.
Here are some highlights:

Tessa Kemp Necklace
I tend to gravitate towards more delicate pieces of jewelry and Tessa Kemp's is right up my alley. Small pieces, very well made with an earthy vibe. This necklace was one of my favorites.

Raeburn Ink Shirt
More delicate details in the form of screen printed tees, bags and scarfs. She's not local (based in MA), but I am loving her new tees inspired by a recent trip to India.

33 Stewart Avenue artwork
This guy takes great photos and turns it into even cooler art. I'd love to have one of these pieces in our apartment. Especially this one above. Check his website for large pieces not listed in the online store.

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