July 2, 2010

Domino Re-purposed


There has been a lot of excitement in the blogosphere the last few days over the announcement that old Domino.com content is being added to the recently remodeled homepage of Brides.com.

While I understand that having a new home for this content online allows Domino to have a more lasting presence online, the publication is still no more and the old content is just that - old and stale. Not that I don’t myself have loads of Domino screenshots and belong to the Flickr group that archives domino shots but I see it as a half-@#! way for Conde Nast to attempt to profit in the form of page hits from a much-beloved magazine that they closed down.

And now let’s continue on to our regularly scheduled programming. I know I’ve ignored this blog for a while but I plan on visiting and sharing a bit more often now.

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