April 8, 2010

The Girl with the Glasses Show

The Girls with Glasses Show!

Talk about Thursday morning fun! Stumbled upon this charming video by Brooke White (singer/songwriter and American Idol Alum) and Summer Bellessa (model and editor of ELIZA Magazine) who have joined forces to create "The Girls With Glasses Show." Just read their description of the show and I'm sure you will want to tune in as much as I do!

" The Girls with Glasses Show was founded for every woman who wants to be entertained while also being informed and enlightened – it’s the smart girl talk show. Brooke White and Summer Bellessa bring together humor, intelligent insight and heart to fashion, entertainment, art and music in this part-hipster and part-variety talk show – and yes, they both do wear glasses in real life”

And now onto the video for the theme song they co-wrote and created for the show - it's certain to make you smile and feel lucky to be a girl.

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Twila said...

This is so so cute and makes me want to make a cute video myself! Thanks for sharing!