January 3, 2010

2010 List

1. See more of the beautiful state that is California
a. take that Yosemite trip
b. camping in Kirby Cove
c. weekend in Palm Springs. stay here.
d. winter snowshoeing to the cabin in Tahoe
e. ensalen hot springs
f. big sur camping
2. Take more photos. Improve my photography skills and start using all camera gear that has been gifted to me. step 1: be quick about it and sign up for one of her classes
3. blog more - ha!
4. buy a diana camera
5. go to D.C.!
6. travel abroad again
7. make a photo book
8. more calls to friends
9. run another half marathon, maybe two!
10. turn 27 (easy)
11. make cheese
12. pick berries, make and can jam
13. baby my herb garden
14. open an etsy store
15. make a Julia Child recipe
16. eat more vegetarian meals
17. volunteer again
18. eat more fruit daily
19. land a new job
20. more sweet surprises for Brandon
21. more tea, less coffee
22. make pickles! homemade jam!

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