May 13, 2009

Feeling inspired again.

Over the past week, I found myself in mourning again for Domino. Boyfriend and I will walk past a little nook in the lobby of our building where the magazines go and I will say "remember that magazine I used to love, named Domino?" then I make my sad face. So boyfriend went to Chronicle Books the other day and comes home with an Apartment Therapy book for me. A gift wrapped in paper. I love this man. So, I look through it and feel semi-inspired. I like a couple of the spaces. Then take a glace at my Domino book on the shelf and say, it's just not as great. But really, enough about Domino, right? It's gone. WELL, then I go to Design Sponge and what do I see?? A sneak peak of Olga Naiman's apartment, who used to be a stylist for Domino. And I tell ya, last night when I couldn't sleep because of the tiny cup of coffee I had, all I could think about where these photos. For the rest click here:

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