March 19, 2009

Missing Long Hair.

I've been feeling "blah" this week. I haven't been sticking to my half-marathon training program, staying up too late, getting up too early and eating things that are really really bad for me like crazy, doritos, soy ice cream, thin mints, peanut m&m's. Seriously. I'm going to explode. And it's not making me a happy camper.

On top of that, I miss my long hair more than anything now days and I even googled how to make your hair grow faster the other day. But in the end, seems you can't do much. I already knew that.
I haven't been posting as much lately. But on a day where I'm missing my longer hair days, these photos was like a knife in me.

dramatic, i know.

From Elle UK September 2007

1 comment:

Katie said...

It could be worse. I still have a man-do. How do I ever grow it out? There will be like a 2 year ackward grow out stage!