February 23, 2009

What I'm Missing: Short skirt, blazer & tights.

Right now, I'm slightly obsessed with entering Lucky Magazine's "45 Days of Giveaways!" - I just really want to get my hands on whatever I can get for free. And, if it just happens to be a year's supply of fresh flowers, a buttery-smooth leather Mulberry bag or a trip to Oahu then I WILL happily enter my contact information everyday! pick me!

And since I have to go to their website to enter the contest, I usually end up poking around a bit and today I noticed a trend.

Short skirt (pencil, preferably) + Blazer + Black Tights = Cute Outfit of the Day

Exhibit A:I am really liking today's pick, who just happens to be their online editor. She probably picked herself but hey, alright by me! She looks perfectly put together yet laid back and comfortable in what she's wearing. I think this is a fashion formula worth following. I also happen to love her pick for current online obsession.

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