January 30, 2009

Great Invention for Black Thumbs

Since moving into our apartment last July, I've killed more than a couple plants. I attribute their deaths to poor sunlight positioning, overwatering and my failure to talk sweet to them on a regular basis. This morning I got my trend marketing email at work highlighting snazzy new products and this one made the cut. It's called the EasyBloom and it's basically a high-tech device that helps determine what kinds of plants grow best in the conditions you have and identifies ways to save plants in need.

TrendCentral's summary is pretty to the point:
EasyBloom: If you kill every plant you attempt to grow, then this little gadget may turn your black thumb into a green one. The EasyBloom plant sensor is a digital gardening expert: It can tell you why your plant is dying and can recommend those plants that will thrive in your soil. Simply plug EasyBloom into the USB port on your computer and set it to Recommend or Monitor mode. Then stick the sensor into a spot in your garden/pot/windowbox where you'd like to grow something (or next to a plant that is near death) and leave it for a full 24 hours. Plug it back into the USB port, and the data collected in the past 24 hours will run through a series of EasyBloom programs, passing information along based on the mode you've set. Monitor mode will tell
you what the problem is with your ailing plant and how to fix it, while Recommendation mode will give you a number of plant options perfect for your particular growing spot.

*This is not a product pitch. Just something I came across today and thought "awesome! I need this!" Although, at $59.95, it's a bit out of my price range.

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