August 24, 2008

tasty discovery

After a beautiful, if a bit too hot day in Napa, I was craving a good scoop of ice cream. Still not being familiar with the neighborhood, I ran into Whole Foods to grab a pint and stumbled upon this amazing treat: PJ Madison's Organic Premium Ice Cream in Kashir Cinnamon

While conisdering it at the store, I was afraid the cinnamon might be too strong. I ate artifical cinnamon flavor in gums, etc. but I decided to take a risk and it completely paid off. This ice cream was unblieveably creamy, melted just enough as I was eating it and the flavor was light and comforting. Almost exactly how it's described on the website, "robust yet sweet and simply delicious." I can't wait to try the Bourbon Vanilla and Bella Chocolate Cherry flavors.

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